Genus: Nerodia

Scales: Keeled

Anal Plate: Divided

Reproduction: Gives birth to live young

Gulf Salt Marsh Snakes are found along the Gulf Coast from Florida to the Upper half of the Texas Gulf Coast. There are three races of the Salt Marsh Snake, the other two are only found in Florida (Mangrove Salt Marsh Snake & Atlantic Salt Marsh Snake). They're a fairly small water snake, that only averages around two and a half feet in length. The primary feed on small fish, but amphibians are also taken when they enter freshwater. Their habitat mainly consists of coastal marshes. This species is often misidentified as a sea snake, but it is just a harmless water snake rather than the venomous sea snake. The only native North American sea snake is the Yellow-bellied Sea Snake, they are only found in the Pacific Ocean.

This species was named in honor of John Henry Clark, who was an American zoologist. He was part of the U.S./Mexico Boundary Survey team.