Genus: Coluber

Scales: Smooth

Anal Plate: Divided

The Eastern Yellowbelly subspecies is found from Montana to Missouri, and south to a large part of Texas and the southeast corner of Louisiana. There are some isolated populations in central New Mexico. This species can obtain a length of almost 6 feet, but most adults are around three to four feet in length.

The scientific literature states a broad clutch size for this species, generally most clutches are around 10 to 13 eggs.

Racers are active diurnal snakes that inhabit grasslands and open woodlands. They eat basically anything that moves, such as insects, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and birds. Racers have a enlarged supraocular scale that shields the eye from the sun, this adaptation allows this species to have sharper vision during sunny days.

Racers are aggressive snakes that can bite repeatedly and defecate when captured. Like many species of non-venomous snakes, Racers will vibrate their tail. In areas of dry leaves, this sounds similar to the rattle of a very small pygmy rattlesnake. Hatchlings and juveniles are patterned with dark blotches on their back and spots on their sides, but as they mature the pattern will eventually fade away.